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Helping regular people with regular problems.

Let's start with a few interesting discoveries from science:

  • Every experience causes an imprint on our memory.

  • Our unconscious manages 90% of what we do, regardless of if we are awake or asleep.

  • We have very little conscious control (over our experience and behavior), except where we place our attention/focus.

  • 99 percent of what we see is projected from our memory. Only 1 percent is added by the sensory organs (such as touch, seeing, hearing, smell and taste).

  • Conscious ideas were already ideas of the subconscious by 1/3 of a second ahead of the conscious mind.

So, when we look at our experience and behaviors, we can see that so much of it is driven by unconscious processes.  Knowing that this is the case, it becomes even more important that our unconscious thoughts and processing be directed in the ways that we would prefer.


The question then becomes, "How do we accomplish changing the unconscious to produce the behaviors and feelings we want?"  The answer is that we need to bypass the conscious mind, and directly communicate with the unconscious.  Why would we want to do that?  Our conscious mind acts as a kind of "gatekeeper", often keeping us from changing.  Hypnosis is a powerful way to communicate directly with the unconscious.  It makes changing old feelings and behaviors easy.

Have you ever tried to change a behavior, or how you felt about a situation, and were unable to?  This is where hypnosis comes in.  Bye-bye bad feelings and behaviors.  Hello better feelings and behaviors.

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My story (in a nutshell)

How did I get into hypnosis?  I had a challenge of my own (STRESS!), which I was unable to change (consciously) by myself.  I tried many of the traditional approaches, and none made the change I desired... to be more calm and relaxed in the face of stressors which were outside of my control.  Then I thought of hypnosis.  It is a subject which I have been interested in since my high school years, but had never formally learned.  I wondered if it really worked, and if it could help me with my situation.  The promises seemed too good to be true.

I went to a hypnotist, and had a session.  After one session, I noticed a difference: increased calm and relaxation in the presence of the same stressors.  This all happened automatically, without any effort on my part.  The most interesting part to me was that I felt as if I just listened to her talk, and that was it.  Well, that is what the experience seemed like, but in reality, she had talked to my unconscious.  While talking with my unconscious, she replaced negative feelings with positive ones, and negative responses with positive ones.  By doing that, I experienced life easier and more comfortable.

After experiencing hypnosis for myself, and the changes that it created, seemingly effortlessly, I knew I had to learn more.  My goal was to learn more to help my own family.  So in 2015 I took classes and became a Licensed Hypnotherapist in the state of Washington.

Since then, I have been providing hypnosis for individuals with a range of problems such as stress, anxiety, quitting drinking, drinking less, quitting smoking, weight loss, feeling lost in life, depression, etc.  These are normal everyday problems, and hypnosis is really good at changing them such that you experience life better, and you enjoy more of it.  I have constantly been impressed with the changes that hypnosis and NLP create.



To learn more about hypnosis itself, read through the FAQ. If you have a question not answered here, please contact me.

In my goal to help as many people as possible, I ran into a problem.  I knew that my ability to help has been limited to those people who could make it to my office.  I knew I could help a lot more people than that feel better, and live improved lives.  In came Zoom and other video conferencing services and technologies.  The problem still remained however, that I want to help more people than I have time for.  I want to help as many as possible.  That is why I made  It's a library of audio hypnosis programs that I have built, which can be downloaded to your mobile device, or computer.  They cover an array of challenges.  This my way of helping more people than I otherwise could.  Since the Internet is accessible to most everyone, there is easy access to hypnosis programs for all.

In addition to providing hypnosis, I am also a board certified Structural Integrator, Neuro-muscular therapist, and licensed massage therapist.  My bodywork practice started back in 1999, and has been going strong since.  Information about the bodywork and structural integration I provide can be found at

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Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 3:30pm
Sat: Closed
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4500 9th Ave NE

STE 300

Seattle, WA 98105


Located just North of downtown Seattle, on the border of Wallingford, in the University District just off of I-5. Validated parking available.

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